Wendy Andrew : In 1989 Wendy’s professional painting career began and she produced many beautiful wildlife paintings during this time. Much of her work was internationally reproduced as cards, jigsaw puzzles, trays, kitchenware, tins, collectors plates etc. Gradually Wendy’s love of The Goddess, mythology and the ‘old ways’ found expression in her work. Over the last few years Wendy has become internationally recognized for her exquisite Goddess and mythological paintings. Her paintings are in collections worldwide. The Beautiful banners you’ll see in the Pop-up Tempel are all painted by her. If you are interested visit her page for more artwork.


Mijn leven mijn gezondheid

Een korte introductie van mijn manier van werken met Natuurgeneeskunde en met Engelen is inmiddels uitgezonden op RTL4 in Mijn leven mijn gezondheid